AdQuaestum is a consulting company focused on helping clients optimize the value of their data.

It’s increasingly a truism that data will outlive its systems – but that can descend into a debate about infrastructure. What we really mean, ‘though, is that data, or more specifically its value, transcends and supersedes the systems that create it, store it and distribute it*. That can happen by accident – data leakage is a significant problem for some companies that have ceded their web infrastructure, for example, to dozens or hundreds of measurement and analytics tools that are using their data for broader purposes.

But, increasingly, companies are realizing that their data not only has value for them internally – improving marketing, supply chain and other functions – but externally too. That is, one company’s data “exhaust”, produced sometimes just as a by-product of regular operations, holds enormous value for another company. And, provided that data can be managed, tracked and secured, that data provides potentially a whole new revenue stream for the originating company.

Understanding the complexities and opportunities of the data ecosystem – and applying them to your business – is what AdQuaestum does.

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*We’ve conceded that, although the word “data” is technically a plural, it is far more commonly and comfortably used as singular noun. Grammarians, forgive us.